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Looking for a temporary management couple?

With over twenty years experience in the hospitality industry and caretaking business.


Higly professional care-keepers who know what it takes to provide temporary service

and how to take care of business.

With good managing skills and a keen eye for detail. 

Multi-lingual.  Great sense of humour. Able to guard and nurture your pet/animals and

to give them some extra TLC. 

                      RESIDENCE                                        PETS                                    SMALL BUSINESS         


 André    &    Marie-Anne

We provide temporary caretaking services for your home, pets & garden and small business.


Reliable, Discreet and Professional.

We're confident that we can answer all your 'interim caretaking' questions and provide a professional service!

If you need a experienced carekeeper, supervisor, host or manager we're available.

 Send us a mail :) 

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